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  • 2016-2017 Tuition: $40,644 tuition and fees
  • Students: 2,306 enrolled; 40% male / 60% female
  • Admissions: rolling admission; 49% accepted
  • E-mail format: First letter of first name, last name, plus @albright.edu. For example, Dr. Jacquelyn Fetrow’s e-mail address is: jfetrow@albright.edu


13th and Bern Streets | P.O. Box 15234
Reading, PA 19612-5234
610-921-2381 (For persons listed, dial 921 plus extension) FAX 610-921-7530

  • Dr. Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, President | Ext. 7600
  • Mary McGee, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs | Ext. 7643
  • Gregory L. Fulmer, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services | Ext. 7749
  • Deborah M. McCreery, Vice President for Advancement | Ext. 7501
  • Dr. Gina-Lyn Crance, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students | Ext. 7611
  • Kevin Ezzell, Director of Accelerated & Graduate Programs | Ext. 7790 & Ext. 7856
  • Paul M. Cramer, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Dean of Admission | Ext. 7260
  • Rashmi Radhakrishnan, Information Officer | Ext. 7676
  • Rebecca Lemmel, Director of Academic Learning Center | Ext. 7662
  • Samantha Wesner, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Gable Health Center | Ext. 7532
  • Amanda Hanincik, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Community Standards | Ext. 7795
  • Laura B. Heckert, Director of Albright Early Learning Center | 610-921-9324
  • Dr. Brenda J. Ingram-Wallace, Director of Counseling Center | Ext. 7532
  • Richard E. Ferry, Co-Director of Athletics | Ext. 7825
  • Janice Luck, Co-Director of Athletics | Ext. 7824
  • Tom Durso, Associate VP of College Relations and Marketing | Ext. 7526
  • Alison J. Burke, Director of the Schumo Center for Fitness and Well-Being | Ext. 6711
  • Kim Hubric, Director of Human Resources | Ext. 7654
  • Lois Kubinak, Director of Conferences | Ext. 7612
  • David M. Tanner, Director for the Center for the Arts | Ext. 7715
  • Dr. Joshua Williamson, College Physician | Ext. 7532
  • David C. Ballaban, Registrar | Ext. 7256
  • Debra L. Baver, Assistant Registrar | Ext. 7253
  • Sandy Stump, Interim Director of Library Services | Ext. 7517


Chair: Jeffrey J. Joyce ‘83
Vice Chair: Kathleen C. Hittner, M.D. ’69
Secretary: Ross D. Miller, Esq. ’83




  • 2016-2017 Tuition: $30,650 tuition and fees
  • Students: 3,000 enrolled:  40% male / 60% female
  • Admissions: rolling admission; 74.5% accepted
  • E-mail format: First name, period, last name, plus @alvernia.edu. For example, Dr. Thomas Flynn’s assistant’s e-mail address is: karen.schroder@alvernia.edu


400 St. Bernardine Street | Reading, PA 19607
610-796-8200 (For persons listed, dial 796 plus extension, unless otherwise noted)  FAX 610-777-6632

  • Dr. Thomas F. Flynn, President | Ext. 8203
  • Karen W. Schroder, Assistant to the President | Ext. 8203
  • Shirley J. Williams, Ed.D., Provost | Ext. 8340
  • Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D., Dean of Students and Vice President for University Life | Ext. 8211
  • Douglas F. Smith, Vice President of Finance & Administration | Ext. 8393
  • Tony DeMarco, Vice President for Institutional Advancement | Ext. 8282
  • John McCloskey Jr., Vice President of Enrollment Management | Ext. 3005
  • Sr. Roberta A. McKelvie, OSF,  Assistant to the President for Mission Integration | 610-790-2876
  • TBD, Vice President of Communications & Marketing | Ext. 8376
  • Jay Worrall, Director, Holleran Center for Community Engagement | Ext. 8371
  • Dr. Beth Roth, Dean of Arts & Sciences | 610-790-1981
  • Dr. Karen S. Thacker, Dean of Professional Programs | Ext. 8306
  • David Myers, Director, O’Pake Institute for Ethics, Leadership, and Public Service | 610-790-2961
  • Daria LaTorre, Dean, Graduate and Adult Education | Ext. 8481
  • Sharon Neal, Director of the Library | 610-568-1465
  • Beth Stein, Registrar | Ext. 8202
  • Rebecca Finn Kenney, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid | Ext. 8221
  • Evelina Panayotova Ph.D., Director of Institutional Research and Assessment | 610-790-1905
  • William Stiles, Director of Athletics | Ext. 3015
  • Christine Saadi, Director of Student Financial Planning | Ext. 8213
  • Dr. Claire Murphy, Director of Health Services | Ext. 8334
  • Larry Shaub, CPA, Controller | Ext. 8298


Dr. Thomas F. Flynn, President
Kevin F. St. Cyr, Chair
John D. Wanner, CAE ’82, Vice Chair
Sr. Danielle Marie Kubelsky, O.S.F., Secretary
Heidi B. Masano, Esq., University Counsel
Robert Balthaser ‘91
Stephen Banco, M.D.
Charles Barbera, M.D. M’01
Paula Barrett
Thomas E. Beeman
Cynthia Boscov
Sr. Marilisa da Silva, O.S.F.
Robert Davis
Timothy Dietrich Esq.
Elsayed Elmarzouky
Charles Flynn
Michael Fromm
Sr. Madonna Harvath, O.S.F.
Angel Helm
Carl Herbein, CPA ‘95
Carol L. Hinds, Ph.D.
Ellen Huyett
Sr. Antoinette Keiser, O.S.F. ’71
Kathleen W. Kleppinger ’83
Rachel Maher, DMD ‘94
Thomas W. Martell
Robert J. McCormack ’82, M’09
Michael A. Mullen
Stephen Najarian
Sr. David Ann Niski ‘66
Jeffrey Rush
Peter Rye
Jeanne Savage
Gregory J. Shemanski
Patrick Shields
James C. Sweeney
Paul Trunk
Sr. Shaun Kathleen Wilson, O.S.F. ’69
Thomas Work, Esq.
Benjamin Zintak, III
Andrew Ziolkowski




  • 2016-2017 Tuition: $9,617 in-state; $20,709 out-of-state
  • Students: 8,513 enrolled; 44% male / 56% female
  • Admissions: rolling admission; 79.8% accepted
  • E-mail format: Last name, plus @kutztown.edu. For example, Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson’s e-mail address is: hawkinson@kutztown.edu.


15200 Kutztown, Road | Administration Building | Kutztown, PA 19530
610-683-4000 (for information), FAX 610-683-4693

  • Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson, President Administration Building, 610-683-4102
  • Toyia S. Heyward, Sr. Exec. Associate to the President, Administration Building, 610-683-4102
  • Dr. Anne Zayaitz, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Administration Building, 610-683-4212
  • Dr. Carole V. Wells, Vice Provost & Dean, Graduate Studies, Administration Building, wells@kutztown.edu, 610-683-4220
  • Dr. David Beougher, Dean,College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Graduate Center, 610-683-4305
  • Dr. Kenneth Teitelbaum, Dean, College of Education, Beekey Education Building, 610-683-4253
  • Dr. William Mowder, Dean, College of Visual & Performing Arts, Sharadin Art Building, 610-683-4500
  • Dr. Martha Geaney, Dean,College of Business, deFrancesco Building, 610-683-4575
  • Nancy Wunderly, Director, Admissions Admissions Center, 610-683-4060
  • Ted Witryk, Registrar, Administration Building,  610-683-4485
  • Natalie Snow, Institutional Research Manager, Administration Building, 610-683-4153
  • Mitch Freed, Assistant Vice Provost, Information Technology Services, Administration Building, 610-683-4175
  • Gerald L. Silberman,Vice President, Administration & Finance, Administration Building, 610-683-4106
  • John Green, Associate Vice President for Communication, Marketing & External Affairs, 484-646-5839
  • Robert Watrous, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, McFarland Student Union, 610-683-1320
  • Dr. Warren Hilton, Vice President for Enrollment Mngmnt & Student Affairs, Admin. Building, 610-683-4328
  • Jesus Pena, Esq., Deputy to the President for Compliance, Equity & Legal Affairs, Old Main, 610-683-4007


Dr. Charles Blocksidge, Chair
Thomas Heck, Vice Chair
Dianne Heck, Secretary
Frank T. Brogan, Chancellor (ex-officio)
Dennis Giorno
Robert Grim, Esq.
Dr. Jolynn Haney
Tony Iannelli
James Ludlow
Guido Pichini
John Wabby




  • 2017-2018 Tuition: $14,214 in-state undergraduate; $22,716 out-of-state undergraduate
  • Students: 2,888 enrolled; 57.7% male / 42.3% female
  • Admissions: No early decision program. Rolling admissions.


Mailing Address:
Tulpehocken Road | P.O. Box 7009
Reading, PA 19610-6009 | 610-396-6000 (for information) | FAX 610-396-6026

  • Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor, rkh5@psu.edu | 610-396-6010
  • Gwen E. Spotts, Administrative Coordinator for the Chancellor, gvs5@psu.edu | 610-396-6010
  • Dr. Paul D. Esqueda, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, puel@psu.edu | 610-396-6120
  • Teresa (Teri) A. Sabatelli, Director, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, tcs5@psu.edu | 610-396-6065
  • David C. Delozier, Director of Development & Alumni Relations, dcd11@psu.edu | 610-396-6056
  • Walter F. Fullam, Director of Continuing Ed & Outreach, Penn State Berks; Senior Director of Statewide Continuing Ed, PSU, wff1@psu.edu | 610-396-6224
  • Kim R. Berry, CASP, Chief Operating Officer, krb11@psu.edu | 610-396-6030
  • Lisa M. Mikula, Financial Officer, lmm462@psu.edu | 610-396-6040


Julia R. Vicente, Chairperson
Joseph J. Hnatishion, Vice Chairperson
Michele L. Richards, Financial Secretary
Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk, Secretary
Anthony (Tony) M. Balistrere
Dr. Carl A. Brown
Anne T. Chubb
Kristen L. Doleva-Lecher, Esq.
Robert A. Fischer
Gregory F. Flemming
Dr. Jill M. Hackman
James P. Harris
Tracy M. Hoffmann
Dr. James B. Kraft
John R. Morahan
Dr. Khalid N. Mumin
Dr. Ella H. Musser
Douglas R. Myers
Mary (Missy) L. Orlando
Randall Peers
Dr. Robert E. Phillips
Dr. Robert F. Pleis
George R. Reinoehl, Jr.
Daniel K. Rothermel
Barry L. Schlouch
Dr. Heidi L. Sensenig
Alison Snyder
Tim P. Snyder
Michael Toledo
John P. Weidenhammer

Members Ex-Officio:
Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor, Penn State Berks
Kevin S. Barnhardt, County Commissioner, County of Berks
A. Michele Blood, President, Penn State Berks Alumni Society
John Ginder, President, Berks County Chapter of Penn State Alumni Association
Gregory C. Gnatt, District Director, Berks and Schuylkill Counties, Penn State Cooperative Extension
Dr. Michelle Mart, Chair, Berks Senate, Penn State Berks
Ryan E. Morris, President, Student Government Association
James R. Oswald, Supervisor, Township of Spring




  • 2016-2017 Tuition: $2,655 Berks County resident, full-time  (12-18 credits) $4,560 other PA Residents, full-time (12-18 credits)
  • Students – Fall 2016: 4,117 enrolled:  38% male / 62% female
  • Admissions: Open admission; Associate degrees, certificates, diplomas, workforce development
  • E-mail format: First letter of first name, complete last name, plus @racc.edu. For example, Dr. Anna D. Weitz’s e-mail address is: aweitz@racc.edu


10 S. 2nd Street | P.O. Box 1706
Reading, PA 19603-1706
610-372-4721 | FAX 610-372-4264
Dial 610-372-4721, plus extension, unless alternate phone number is listed.

  • Dr. Anna D. Weitz, President | 610-607-6210
  • Sandra Strause, Executive  Administrative Assistant | 610-607-6210
  • Dr. Susan Looney, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost | Ext. 6271
  • Kenneth Dearstyne, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services/College Treasurer | Ext. 6265
  • Mary Ellen Heckman, Assistant Dean of Library Services & Learning Resources | Ext. 5061
  • Amelia Capotosta, Assistant Dean, Health Professions, Director of Nursing | Ext. 5420
  • Michael Nagel, Vice President for External Relations, Executive Director of the Foundation | Ext. 6294
  • Maria Mitchell, Dean of Student Affairs | Ext. 5298
  • Dr. Gloria Oikelome, Assistant Dean, Science & Mathematics Division | Ext. 5181
  • Cynthia Seaman, Dean of Instruction | Ext. 5040
  • Linda Bell, Assistant Dean, Business Division | Ext. 5168
  • Kevin Coots, Assistant Dean, Communications, Arts & Humanities Division | Ext. 5093
  • Benjamin Rosenberger, Director,Financial Aid, Registrar | 610-607-6225
  • Robin Eckert, Interim Assistant Dean, Social Studies/Human Services Division | Ext. 5253
  • Kay Litman, Dean of Enrollment Management | Ext. 5073


Mr. Guido M. Pichini, Chair
Mr. Gary Rightmire, Vice Chair
Mrs. Delphia L. Howze, Secretary
Dr. Sam A. Alley
Mrs. Connie M. Archey
Mr. Jack R. Gombach
Mr. Michael C. Haney
Mrs. Mary H. Kargbo
Mr. Lawrence J. Medaglia, Jr.
Mr. Thomas J. Mitchell
Mrs. Zylkia R. Rivera
Mr. Jon C. Scott
Mr. Dean E. Sheaffer
Mr. Edwin L. Stock
Mr. Michael Toledo

Trustee Emeritus/Emerita
Mrs. Nancy L. Snyder
Mr. John C. Woodward
Mr. James H. Yocum
College Solicitor – Kozloff Stoudt
Mr. Geoffrey M. Stoudt, Esquire
Mr. Peter Schuchman, Esquire