Penn State


  • 2020-2021 Tuition: $14,214 in-state undergraduate; $23,924 out-of-state undergraduate
  • Students: 2,578 enrolled; 60% male / 40% female
  • Admissions: No early decision program. Rolling admissions.


Mailing Address:
Tulpehocken Road | P.O. Box 7009
Reading, PA 19610-6009 | 610-396-6000 (for information) | FAX 610-396-6026

  • Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor, | 610-396-6010
  • Gwen E. Spotts, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, | 610-396-6010
  • Dr. Janelle B. Larson, Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, | 610-396-6120
  • Joseph J. Webb, Director of Student Affairs, | 610-396-6072
  • Erica A. Pulaski, Director of Enrollment Management, | 610-396-6061
  • David C. Delozier, Director of Development & Alumni Relations, | 610-396-6056
  • Erica L. Kunkel, Interim Director of Continuing Education, | 610-396-6221
  • Kim R. Berry, CASP, Chief Operating Officer, | 610-396-6030
  • Lisa M. Mikula, Financial Officer, | 610-396-6040


Robert A. Fischer, Chairperson
Pamela J. Shupp Menet, Vice Chairperson
Timothy Hillert, Financial Secretary
Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk, Secretary
Dr. Dana T. Bedden
A. Michele Blood
Dr. Carl A. Brown
Dr. Brett A. Cooper
Patrick J. Dolan
Dr. Richard H. Faidley
Gregory F. Flemming
Dr. Jill M. Hackman
Timothy M. Hillert
Dr. James A. Kraft
Dr. Joseph Macharola
Dr. Cynthia S. Mierzejewski
Dr. Khalid N. Mumin
Dr. Ella H. Musser
Mary (Missy) L. Orlando
Barry L. Schlouch
Senator Judith L. Schwank
Robert L. Scoboria
Jeremiah M. Sensenig
Sherry K. Sidhu
Tim P. Snyder
Julia R. Vicente

Members Ex-Officio:
Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor, Penn State Berks
Kevin S. Barnhardt, County Commissioner, County of Berks
Michael Shott, President, Student Government Association
Dr. Jessica B. Schocker, Berks Senate, Penn State Berks
Michael D. Serago, Jr., President, Penn State Berks Alumni Society
Stephanie K. Shirk, Client Relationship Manager-Area 9, Penn State Extension
Barry W. Ulrich, Supervisor, Township of Spring
Kenneth S. Whiteman, President, Berks County Chapter of Penn State Alumni Association